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Pampering your skin in winters

Pampering your skin in winters

Women look forward to winter for various reasons – some wait for that rosy glow on their cheeks, while others just can’t get enough of the winter fashion. Some look forward to the holiday season, while others are all set for Christmas. Amidst all of this, just the thought of dry, itchy and flaky skin can bother most women. The added haste of everyday life also would not have given you much time to chalk out a skincare routine for the cold weather. Well, read on to put an end to your worries! We’ve touched upon winter skincare routines for all skin types – you’re about to get a kiss of organic goodness!

Come winter and the first change you start noticing is your skin. Dry, rough and itchy skin accompanies this season as a special guest. Wonder why? Your skin keeps itself hydrated by attracting moisture from the environment. When humidity levels decrease, your skin gets dehydrated and feels dry.

Here are some dos and don’ts to maintain hydrated and soft skin this winter.

The Dos Of Winter Skincare

1. Get A Mild Cleanser

    You may have to change your cleanser during the winter months, if it is making your skin feel dry and tight after a wash. You require a milder, more moisturizing and weakly acidic cleanser that won’t dry out your skin, besides balances your skin’s pH levels. 

    2. Change Your Moisturizer To A Heavier One

      The products you use during the sultry summer months may not work for your skin during the winter season. If you generally use a lotion or gel, shift to a heavy, cream-based moisturizer. This will prevent skin irritation and soothe your skin. 

      3. Eat Healthy Food

        It is important to maintain a healthy diet to maintain water content and boost sebum production in the body. Consuming foods rich in Vitamin E, A and C can maintain good skin health.

        Some winter fruits rich in Vitamins and antioxidants: 

        • Gooseberry
        • Papaya
        • Avocado
        • Pineapple
        • Banana 

        4. Exfoliate Properly

        Exfoliate two to three times a week. Doing this gently in circular motions will help increase blood flow to your skin. This will make it appear bright and healthy. Don’t scrub too much. Scrubbing too hard can break your skin’s protective barrier.

        5. Wear Loose Clothes

        Dry skin in winter can be further irritated if you wear tight clothes. Wear loose clothes to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

        The Don’ts of Winter Skincare

        1. Don’t Over-Wash Your body

          Although it sounds contradictory, washing your body too often can further dehydrate your skin. Don’t cleanse more than twice a day. 

          2. Don’t Bathe In Hot Water For Too Long

            As tempting as it may sound, bathing in the hot shower for too long can remove essential oils from your skin. Most doctors advise keeping the temperature below 110 degrees. If your skin turns red while you bathe, it is recommended to bring the temperature down. 

            3. Avoid Allergens

              Products with irritants or harsh chemicals trigger flare-ups. Avoid using products with harsh soaps, sulfates and parabens in them. 

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