New products by Buttitude in 2021
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New products by Buttitude in 2021

New products by Buttitude in 2021

Dark butt skin is a rising cause of concern and embarrassment in especially young girls and women.

Skin hyperpigmentation, post acne marks & pigmentation, atopic dermatitis, friction caused by tight clothes and prolonged sitting, stretch marks and usage of Hair removal creams, post boils black spots are few important causes of uneven butt and intimate areas.

First let’s talk about the common butt skin problems that are faced by us. 

Common Butt Skin Problems


Buttne is one of the most common skin care issues dermatologists see. “It’s created by plugged pores that create pimples and cysts that go deeper than what occurs on the face,” The number one thing you can do to prevent buttne is to avoid wearing tight clothing whenever possible and shower as soon as you’re done exercising or sweating.

“Using washes with benzoyl peroxide and or other antibacterial soaps can often decrease the bacterial load and prevent further infection and or larger problematic cysts or boils adds that regular exfoliation is key to keeping buttne at bay. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that helps your skin shed cells more effectively. When you remove those dead skin cells, you’ll also remove blemishes.

Stretch marks

If you have stretch marks, you’re not alone. More than 70% of adults have them. “They can result from rapid or extreme weight gain and/or loss or just from normal growth spurts. “They are also very commonly seen when the skin is stretched from pregnancy.

  1. Smooth the surface of your skin. 
    “This can be achieved using treatments like microdermabrasion and light chemical peels. “By exfoliating away the surface irregularities, you can feel a more uniform and smooth texture.”
  2. Try a deep treatment. 
    “The physical nature of stimulating the deep dermal tissues with laser resurfacing, microneedling, or radiofrequency can break up the fibrous and uneven stretch mark tissue, increase collagen and elastin, and stimulate the growth of new smooth tissue.
  3. Correct the color.
    Stretch marks can come in a variety of colors: white, red, bluish-purple or brown. Even if you’re able to improve textural irregularities, your stretch marks may still be visible. “To address color concerns, I often will use Intense Pulse Light Therapy to reduce the obvious color change. 

Fibers hold fat in place, but poor skin structure caused by hormones, genetics, smoking, lack of exercise, and poor diet all play a role in breaking down the network of fibers, causing the fat to move to the surface of your skin and create the dimpling known as cellulite.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and toning your muscles will help improve the look of cellulite. Daily massage can help too by improving circulation and moving toxins and lymphatic fluid. Topical creams with caffeine and retinoids can also help to improve the appearance of cellulite and the texture of the skin.

Keratosis pilaris

Also known as “chicken skin,” keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition that creates sandpaper-esque goosebumps on the butt, thighs, and backs of your arms. The bumps are usually red or brown and are scaly. It’s caused by a buildup of skin debris and proteins inside your hair follicles. “Even though it tends to remain just on the surface of your skin, these shallow little bumps can be itchy or irritating and are a cosmetic nuisance.”

To smooth your KP bumps, regularly exfoliate with topical creams that contain alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid) and/or beta hydroxy acids (like salicylic acid).


Ready to expand your skin care routine?

BUTTITUDE is coming up with new products in 2021 to save y’all women from all types of butt skin problems and make your butt skin healthy.

Buttitude - Clay Mask Purifying and Firming

It helps with plumping, stretch marks and/or cellulite, Acne/blemishes, Discoloration, Dryness, Dullness, Softness.

How to use: Apply a thin layer to your entire booty or on problem areas. Wait for 15-20 minutes while mask fully dries. Gently wipe mask off with slightly wet sponge or a damp towel. Follow with the BUTTITUDE booty oil.

Buttitude - Scrub Brightening and Illuminating

It helps with Firming/plumping, Acne/blemishes, Discoloration, Dryness, Softness How to use: In the shower or bath, apply two moist fingers worth of scrub to your target area, massage in circular motions for few minutes and rinse. Use 2-3 times per week.

Buttitude - Anti Cellulite Cream Orange Peel Skin and Cellulite Treatment

It helps with firming butt, refreshing cream texture, easy to absorb on skin, moisturizing and nourishing skin to make it smooth and tender.

How to use: Apply once or twice a day on the affected areas of your booty and massage energetically for 15 minutes with your hands or using massage brush.

Buttitude - Booty Oil Glowing and Smoothing

It helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. It’s moisturizing and promotes skin firmness. 

How to use: Apply at least twice a week Buttitude Botty oil on damp skin after taking a shower or bath. Massage the oil with your hands or massage brush into skin until it is absorbed.