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Summer is in full swing and for many people that means we’ve all upped our time in the sun.  While there’s nothing better than catching some rays and soaking up all of that healthy nourishing Vitamin D, increased sun exposure can also lead to problems with our skin.  Of course, the best way to protect yourself from sun exposure is to regularly apply SPF to your skin and stay shaded wherever possible.  However, if after days in the sun, you’re feeling like the skin on your derriere could use some extra TLC then BUTTITUDE is here to the rescue!


Firstly, while SPF is an absolutely necessary skincare essential, the nature of its formulation means that it can often get stuck in our pores and clog them up, leading to increased acne.  That’s why proper cleansing and detoxification is important to keep those pores clean.  Cure butt acne due to clogged pores from SPF with our ‘Purifying’ butt mask made from the volcanic ash of Jeju Island.  Apply this sheet mask for your bum after a day in the sun; it’s a great way to ensure that your pores remain unclogged and therefore less prone to acne build-up!


Next, while we all love the look of the tanned golden skin we get from spending a day at the beach, there’s no doubt that it can be incredibly drying for our skin.  Hydration is the simplest step to luscious, glowing skin.  Of course, the best way to do this is to make sure you consume enough water daily, however if you’re in need of an additional hydration boost or perhaps you want to sooth some sunburnt skin, then our ‘Hydrating’ butt mask made from Jeju Island lava seawater is sure to deliver a nice hit of hydration to plump up the skin on your derriere once again.


Finally, as tans fade, the uppermost layer of tanned skin on our bodies starts to naturally exfoliate away, revealing new skin underneath.  This natural process of exfoliation can take weeks.  You can speed the process up by using exfoliants such as a scrub or our ‘Smoothing’ butt mask made from the natural acids of Jeju tangerines.  Acid exfoliation is an excellent complement to a physical exfoliation such as a scrub, as it works on a deeper level to get down to the pores and really help you to smooth the surface of your skin, removing any small lumps, bumps or skin discolourations in the process and revealing your butt’s natural glow.


So, there you have it!  BUTTITUDE’s secrets to getting your butt summer ready.  Now there’s only one thing left to do: #FreeTheButt and go enjoy your time in the summer sun!