Buttitude at WeCosmoprof International
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Buttitude at WeCosmoprof International

For more than 50 years the Cosmoprof brand has been the most important meeting point for beauty professionals in the world.

The Cosmoprof platform extends throughout the world - with its events in Bologna, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Bangkok - reaching more than 500,000 professionals, 70,000 buyers and 10,000 exhibitors, but each fair has a different specialty, from industry verticals to market sectors.

After a year in which the global events have brought us more and more digital technology, we are proud to present We COSMOPROF International, covering the first semester of 2021.

From 7 to 18 June all the global players that are part of our Cosmoprof network of shows will be inside one platform, offering new ways to increase your online presence and connect with customers, partners, buyers, and leaders for ten days of business, inspiration, and innovation.

This digital event will draw the global beauty audience across key industries and core lines of business and provide a powerful opportunity for beauty companies to position themselves in the world’s largest and most innovative marketplace to amplify their business.

Buttitude at WeCosmoprof International

It’s time to treat your butt with the same love and care as you do your face, with our sheet masks for your bum! At BUTT!TUDE, we say let’s #FreeTheButt and celebrate that booty.
Make BUTT!TUDE a part of your weekly routine, for a happier, healthier bum — let’s get cheeky!
Each mask has it’s own set of FDA-approved, all-natural active ingredients, sourced from the island Jeju, South Korea, known for its rich volcanic elements, tropical paradise climate and stunning blue waters. The results? A major glow-up for your bum!


Why butt masks? The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle on the body and, some might say, often the most neglected. We’re here to change that and show your booty some much-deserved love!

At BUTT!TUDE, we’re all about getting your butt to look and feel the best it can with our sheet masks for your bum, made from all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients, designed to smooth, hydrate and detoxify your skin, leaving you not only glowing on the outside, but also radiating confidence from within!

We spend all of our days either sitting on our backsides at work or activating those muscles while walking around. Our bottoms are constantly subjected to friction from our clothes and the surfaces we are seated on. As such, the skin elasticity gets worn down, becomes irritated, feels rough and lacks lustre.

We say: it’s to be kind to your behind! Because that ass is class.

Buttitude Products


An instant glow-up for your butt! Our smoothing sheet mask is made from juicy Jeju tangerines designed to exfoliate your skin, leaving your bum looking radiant.


Hydration is the key to healthy, plump, luscious skin. Our hydrating hydrogel sheet mask is packed full of moisturizing lava seawater to get that booty shining.


Got butt acne? Here's the cure! Formulated from purifying volcanic ash from Jeju Island, this sheet mask for your bum will clear all those pesky clogged pores.

After making 1000s of women get the butt skin they always desired with our BUTT MASKS we are coming up with 3 new products for your butt skin.


BUTT!TUDE Tightening Cream aims at firming and smoothing your skin to reduce the appearance of orange skin. Its unique formulation of plants extracts-coffee seeds, shea and pumpkin-tightens and nourishes your buttocks skin, increasing its elasticity. Regularly applied, you will feel your skin refreshed, toned and smoother.


BUTT!TUDE Purifying scrub is formulated with natural key ingredients such as walnut and Jeju island volcanic ash for exfoliating properties, and korean ginseng extract to firm your skin.


Feel fabulous and plump up your booty with this unique BUTT!TUDE Firming Butt Mask designed to soften and tone your skin. Our key ingredients help to improve elasticity by retaining moisture and control acnes.

For more details on products check out all Buttitude products on www.buttitude.com.