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It’s finally time to get cheeky with our exciting new sheet masks for your butt!  Sheet masks for your face are so ‘last season’. Nowadays, it’s all about that booty. At BUTTITUDE, we believe in the power of booty magic.  What’s ‘booty magic’?  Booty magic is that special extra something that someone who is confident in their own skin has — it’s that additional boost in their step, that spark in their energy, that light in their eye, that perk in their booty!  It all comes down to feeling confident in your own skin and the best way to do that is to take good care of your body and practice self-care.

Perhaps in the past you’ve suffered from dry skin on your derriere, you’ve had a history of butt acne or you’ve never been able to rid your bum of those pesky small bumps on the surface of your skin.  Whatever the cause of your feeling less confident about your derriere, we’re here to help you fix it!  Our ‘Purifying’ mask is packed full of detoxifying volcanic ash to help you unclog your pores and combat butt acne, our ‘Hydrating’ mask is formulated from ultra-hydrating lava seawater for plump luscious skin and our ‘Smoothing’ mask contains the natural acids of tangerines to help you get a smoother butt. 

All of our sheet masks are formulated from FDA-approved, natural ingredients sourced from the ingredient-rich landscape of South Korea’s Jeju Island; the purifying volcanic ash of Jeju’s Hallassan volcano, the hydrating lava seawater of the Jeju Ocean and the exfoliating natural acids of Jeju tangerines.  Korea has a rich history of being known for its potently powerful skincare — as we all know, K-beauty is all the rage!  Our sheet masks’ hydrogel formulation means that they feel incredibly soothing on your skin and are slip-proof, too. 

Our sheet masks for your butt are the ultimate self-care moment to help you take care of your hardworking butt and indulge in some me-time.  Work time into your daily schedule to treat yourself to one of our sheet masks for your butt and remember to share your beauty knowledge with your besties, too — butt masking is even more fun with friends. 

We can’t wait for you to try all of our products.  Remember, BUTTITUDE cares about your derriere — we’re here for your rear!