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Butt skin care: The new trend in skin care industry

Butt skin care: The new trend in skin care industry

Butt skin care is definitely a thing now. 

The same way facial beauty routines have expanded to include cleansers, toners, serums, creams and masks, beauty brands have started releasing products specially tailored to your booty. There are now sheet masks for your rear end, along with special moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs, serums, and oils. 

And if you want your backside to have the same dewy, post-chemical peel glow your face has after a facial, aestheticians are also offering the same services for your bottom.

Beauty analysts say the rise in butt-specific products is likely a result of the broader growth of the market for skin care, which was a $5.6 billion industry in 2018. The companies are also catering to consumers who want their skin-care products to be “clean.” (While “clean” beauty is an ambiguous term, it generally describes brands that claim they don’t use harmful ingredients in their products.) 

“If you think about the bigger trends in beauty and why skin care as a whole is growing so fast, it’s because of clean brands,” the skin-care industry had grown 8 percent between June 2018 and 2019. 

Consumers are also dedicating more time, money and energy into developing a beauty routine for their whole bodies. 

“What we’ve noticed is there’s a boom in what we’re calling inclusive wellness. Basically this includes every aspect of yourself and every part of yourself,” said Emma Chiu, the global director of research company JWT Intelligence. “We’re seeing that we’re embracing every part of our body, and this includes the more intimate parts of our body.” 

In today’s Instagram-fueled beauty era, it seems that there’s not a whole lot we wouldn’t try in terms of out-of-the-box products and trends. From outré brow shapes to boob masking (not to mention, masks for down there), virtually none of it is off the table. The latest trend picking up steam? Butt skin care. 

While you may or may not have already been using your favorite body scrub or buttery lotion on your tushy, a recent boom in derrière beauty products has us asking the burning question: Do you actually need to be masking your butt?

The answer? “For most people, no — for a few people, yes. While things like acne and dryness are real concerns, the crux of butt beauty usually has more to do with smoothing skin, addressing tone imperfections (including hyperpigmentation as a result of acne scarring), too. However, for things like dry skin, While masking is all well and good. 

However, if you’re willing — or if nothing else, genuinely curious — to dive into the universe of all things butt beauty, here are the Butt masks by Buttitude


Achieving a smooth butt means getting rid of acne and other types of bumps we can get on our butts.

Our smoothing sheet mask is made from juicy Jeju tangerines, designed to exfoliate your skin, minimise fine lines and smooth wrinkles, leaving your bum looking radiant and you feeling 100% fabulous.

The mighty Jeju tangerine has long been celebrated amongst the locals for its incredible anti-ageing properties.  Formulated from this all-natural active superfood ingredient, our smoothing sheet mask can even texture, restore elasticity and brighten the skin on your buttocks. 


    We’ve all heard it before: hydration is the key to healthy, luscious skin. Our hydrating hydrogel sheet mask is packed full of super-moisturizing lava seawater, leaving your bum soft, plump and rejuvenated.

    Lava seawater is a unique underground resource of Jeju Island that contains rich minerals and nutritive salts with almost no organic material or pathogens.  An incredibly rich natural ingredient, it is primarily used to replenish your skin’s elasticity and softness by maintaining moisture in the skin. Truly a secret-weapon for your skin! 


      Got butt acne?  Here’s the cure!

      All the best skincare regimes start with a good detox. Formulated with purifying volcanic ash from Jeju Island’s Hallasan Volcano, this sheet mask for your bum will help you regulate sebum over-production and get rid of those pesky clogged pores on your butt. Volcanic ash has the unique natural ability to disinfect, soothe and treat skin for adverse conditions, such as acne.  This is because volcanic ash regulates sebum production, while simultaneously cleansing, exfoliating and removing unwanted toxins. Unleash the all-natural, replenishing power of one of Mother Earth’s most sought-after active ingredients with our volcanic ash sheet mask.

      Turn your booty frown upside down with a smooth, clean butt, thanks to our “Purifying Butt Mask”. A light and natural exfoliant that gently buffs your skin, revealing your butt’s naturally glorious glow!